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E-Smart Mart

E-Smart Mart is broadly accepted as a leading and world-class grocery store located in Sector 79, Mohali. As your pleasing neighbourhood grocery store, we are dedicated to ensuring that your purchasing experience is as engaging as feasible. Our consideration is on the finest, affordability, and ease in your everyday life. Our journey gets underway with a simple and adequate concept to make grocery purchasing delightful and burden-free for everyone. 

E-Smart Mart – Provide a wide range of products to fulfil the diverse needs:

In a period of increasing prices and hard-pressed lifestyles, we ought to make a place where you can get healthful and best-quality food at affordable prices for all sections of society. At E-Smart Mart we provide a wide range of products to fulfil the diverse needs of our clients. The store offers its customers to choose the comfort of online shopping or to have an in-store visit whichever suits them the most. Our sizeable selection includes fresh bakery items, dairy products, snacks, drinks, organic food products, personal care essentials, and family products. 

Offers alternatives to cater to your specific requirements:

One of the favourite accomplishments of the store is the creation of Kitchen Family Baskets. These custom-made baskets are available in a variety of Family Baskets, Couple Baskets, and Welfare Baskets. Each basket contains all the important items that are necessary in the kitchen for regular use. With the unique concept of Kitchen Family Baskets, you need not worry about what to purchase or create limitless buying lists. ESmart Mart provides these choices to cater to your family size and precise requirements.  The vision of E-Smart Mart is to be a perfect spot where people can fulfil all their grocery requirements and make their lives simpler and greater. Our task is to provide a broad range of products to cater to your specific wishes while managing their low cost. E-Smart Mart invites you to visit their store to restructure the manner you shop for your groceries.

100mi Crypto – Game, Trade and Earn with 100mi Crypto

100mi Crypto – The world of cryptocurrencies has witnessed remarkable growth in the gaming industry. It has opened a new avenue for users to not only enjoy an immersive gaming experience but also earn digital assets in the process. 100mi Crypto is a revolutionary platform that combines the power of cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology and offers an exciting play-to-earn platform where users can game, trade, and earn at once.

Gaming has been a very popular form of technology, and now with the advent of blockchain technology, it has created many opportunities. 100mi crypto play-to-earn platform allows users to engage in various games that blend seamlessly with cryptocurrencies.  Whether it’s gambling or prediction games, users can participate and earn digital assets in real time.

However, one of the best advantages of play to earn platform is the opportunity it provides to increase the volume of tokens held within the ecosystem. As users perform well in these games, they can earn benefits that can be utilized within the platform itself or traded in the decentralized exchange offered by 100mi crypto. The Decentralized nature of blockchain technology ensures transparency and security in gaming.

Moreover, play to earn platform opens up new possibilities for individuals who may not have access to traditional investment opportunities. By combining gaming and earning, users can actively participate in the digital economy. It’s a unique chance to leverage one’s gaming skills and passion into tangible financial gains.

Joining the 100mi crypto play-to-earn platform not only offers the opportunity to earn digital assets but also connects users with a global community of like-minded people.

In conclusion, the 100mi crypto play-to-earn platform merges the world of gaming as well as cryptocurrencies creating a groundbreaking opportunity for users to game, trade and earn at the same time.


Pointzap: Connecting Businesses and Customers

Pointzap: Connecting Businesses and Customers


In a new rapid-paced global, where technology has taken over, corporations must live ahead of the game to survive. Pointzap is a platform that connects companies and customers in a completely unique manner, enabling them to interact in a way that enhances the client’s enjoyment.

Features of Pointzap

Loyalty Programs

Pointzap allows organizations to create and control loyalty programs that reward clients for their repeat business. Customers can accumulate points and redeem them for rewards, such as discounts, loose merchandise, or offerings.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Pointzap permits groups to send centred advertising campaigns to specific clients based on their preferences, demographics, and shopping records. This permits organizations to improve their advertising and marketing efforts with the aid of sending customized and relevant messages to their customers.

Analytics and Reporting

Pointzap affords organizations with particular analytics and reporting abilities. This allows companies to music purchaser conduct, engagement, and buying patterns. This enables organizations to make knowledgeable decisions about their advertising, marketing, and business strategies.

Customer Feedback

Pointzap additionally allows companies to acquire patron feedback, which is vital for improving the first-class of their services and products. Customers can depart evaluations, offer remarks on specific products or services, and price their universal experience.

Benefits of Pointzap

Improved Customer Loyalty

By presenting a loyalty program, organizations can improve purchaser loyalty. Customers are more likely to return to a business if they sense valued and appreciated.

Increased Sales

Pointzap enables businesses to ship centred advertising campaigns which can be more likely to convert into income. This, coupled with the loyalty application, can result in elevated income and sales.

Improved Customer Experience

By amassing client remarks and the use of analytics, companies can enhance the general patron revel in. This ends in expanded customer pleasure and loyalty.

Competitive Advantage

By the usage of Pointzap, organizations benefit from an advantage over their competitors that do not provide a similar platform. This can result in an extended market percentage and a stronger logo reputation.


Pointzap is a valuable platform for businesses seeking to enhance the client’s revel in and marketing efforts. By offering loyalty applications, targeted advertising, analytics, and consumer remarks capabilities, organizations can improve purchaser satisfaction, and growing income, and gain an aggressive gain of their enterprise.

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